2021 Competition Team Line-up

2021 is our 6th Annual Sip & Swine BBQ Festival and we're ready for our best year yet! We're expecting bigger crowds than ever before and are hoping to raise some serious money for the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter.

Here are the teams currently slated to compete this year:

Pro Teams

Angry Jack BBQ
Apocalypse Sow
Atlanta BBQ Store
Backend Heat
Backyard Bro's
Bald Hawg BBQ
Barrel Fever
Big B's BBQ
Bubba Grills
Chicken Fried BBQ
Choo Choo Train BBQ
Claude Q's
Cliff's Smoking BBQ
Cool Hand Que
Creek Fire BBQ
E.T.'s BBQ
East Coast BBQ
Elite BBQ Smokers
Getting Basted
Good Googly Goo BBQ
Good Kids BBQ
Hawg Wash BBQ
Heavy Smoke BBQ
Hoggy Bottom Boys
Hold Your Horses
Hot Cole's
Keep Back 200ft BBQ (Big D BBQ)
Keepin It Smokin BBQ
K-Town Daddy's BBQ
Lickin Lizard Good
Lucky Charms
Maya Jane BBQ Co.
Mikes Mountain BBQ
Peckerwood Country Club
Perfectly Blended Competition BBQ
Pop N Chubby's BBQ
Poppa Pig BBQ
Porky Butts BBQ
Pot's BBQ
Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n
Quenut BBQ
Redmule's Bad Ass BBQ
Rum Runners BBQ
Shark Bite BBQ
Smoke and Brew
Smoke Central BBQ
Smoke Me Silly
Smoke Show Mafia
Smoke Slinger's
Smokin J's Barbeque - SC
Smokin J's BBQ - GA
Smokin Sweetmeats
Smokin the Good Stuff
Smoking Butt Heads
Smoking Butts BBQ
SmokinGhost BBQ
Southern Q
Speaks For Itself BBQ
Sprat Boy Barbeque
Stewbabys BBQ
Sweet Cheeks Pit BBQ
Sweet Dixie BBQ
Tenacious Q
The Fat Guyz
The Hog Mafia
The Pit Crew GA
Triple H BBQ
Under the Radar
Who Cares BBQ
Wiggle Butts BBQ
Yes, Dear BBQ
Zips BBQ

Backyard Teams

2 and Q
2 Swine Crew
3 Brothers BBQ
Adams Rib-n-Que
Beachin Good Barbecue
Big Daddys BBQ Pit
Chatter Box Cafe
Dogpatch Q
Done Right Smokin
Garden Valley Smokers
Geaux 2 BBQ
George's Rib Shack
Grand Slam BBQ
Hickory Hangover
Lee La Q
Lems Meat Varnish
Magnolia BBQ
Mankiller BBQ
Mill Hill
Native Smokers
Navy Blue Bar-B-Que
Pig Destroyer
Rollin Kolbz
Smokin & Jokin
Smokin Aces
Southern Comfort BBQ
Stank Butt BBQ
Sublime BBQ
Sunday Smokies
Swinal Tap
Tallulah Falls School Pit Vipers
Veteran Pork Pullers
Wine Me, Dine Me and Swine Me