2023 Competition Team Line-up

2023 is shaping up to be another great year for the Sip & Swine BBQ Festival. It's our 8th year and we're expecting bigger crowds than ever, more money raised for the Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter, and the best round of competition BBQ yet!

Here are the teams currently slated to compete this year:

Pro Teams

Alpine Smoke Works
Atomic City Smokers
Bacon's Classy Que
Bad Rooster BBQ
Bald Hawg
Big Mackos
Blinkys Offset BBQ
Blue Smoke
Chewin' the BBQ Fat!
Choo Choo BBQ
Cool Hand Que
Cotton BBQ
Country Boy Cooking
Dem Boys
EB's Bar-B-Que
Gardenvalley Smokers
Geaux 2 BBQ
Good Googly Goo BBQ
Good Kids BBQ
Hickory Hangover
Hoggy Bottom Boys
Hold Your Horses BBQ
Hot Cole's
Jacks Old South
Kick Em In The Butt BBQ
Kings BBQ
Kith n' Kin
Lick of Smoke BBQ - Australia
Mad Dog BBQ
Maya Jane BBQ
Mike's Mountain BBQ
Mill Hill BBQ Company
Muttley Crew BBQ
Off the Chain
Old Henry's BBQ
One Eyed Pig BBQ
Pappy & Roley's
Peach Coast BBQ
Peckerwood Country Club
Piglitically Incorrect BBQ
Pop N Chubby's BBQ
Poppa Pig
Quenut BBQ
Rollin' Kolbz
Rum Runners BBQ
Smoke Another One
Smoke Central BBQ
Smoke Show Mafia
Smoke Slinger's
Smokestache BBQ
Smokin GhostBBQ
Smokin Sumthin BBQ
Smokin Sweetmeats
Southern Q
Stewbabys BBQ
Stoked & Smoked Competition BBQ
Sunday Smokies
Tenacious Q
Tennessee Smoke Showin'
Triple H BBQ
Under the Radar
Wiggle Butts BBQ
Wild Hog BBQ
Wine Me Dine Me Swine Me
Yes, Dear BBQ

Backyard Teams

2 Swine Crew
A Guy & A Grill
Back Yard BBQ Boys
Bainer's Bangin BBQ
Beachin' Good Barbecue
Black Girls Grilling
Bourbon & Blues BBQ
Butts Unlimited
Chatter Box Cafe
Coastal Boys BCT
De Dawg BBQ Team
Dogpatch Q
Etowah Smoke
Four Guys Porkin'
Free Smokers BBQ
George's Rib Shack
Grand Slam BBQ
Hunker Down BBQ
Hutch BBQ
Jury's Out
Magnolia BBQ
Native Smokers
No Lookin' Cookin'
Norala BBQ Team
Pork Life
Porkaholic's BBQ
Slater House BBQ
Small Batch bbq
Smoke on the Porker
Smokin Aces
Southern Comfort BBQ
Southern Life BBQ
Stank Butt
Steak Princess BBQ
Taste that BBQ!
TFS Pit Vipers
Tipsy Pigs BBQ
TruGrit BBQ